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How To Wear: Evans Black Quilted Jacket

4:41 PM

The quilted jacket will be your new best friend with Autumn just around the corner. So easy to wear, and offering style and warmth with no comprise, the quilted jacket is great whatever you throw it over.

We’ve come up with 2 top-to-toe looks that will work brilliantly with the Evans Black Quilted Jacket, whether you’re going for a stroll in the park, picking up the kids from school or having a girls day out and need to dress to impress.

Evans Grey Button Back Top

Evans Blue Super Stretch Jeans

Evans Black Leather Pixie Boots

Silver Lurex Leopard Print Scarf

Evans Grey Zip Detail Bag

Evans Swan Print Skater Dress

Evans Purple Basic Ballerinas

Imitation Catseye Ring

How would you wear the Evans Black Quilted Jacket?

One Response to “How To Wear: Evans Black Quilted Jacket”

  1. Gill Mathews says:

    I wouldn’t wear theis at all – just because it’s BLACK! I love yr shape guide – really helpful to know which shapes are most flattering. But completely useless unless you put this together with the same approach to colour. Many, many agencies have been offering colour analysis for years – I had mine done 25 years ago, and I still stick to it like glue. I am, admittedly in a minority, but about 20% of us look absolutely terrible in black, grey, navy, scarlet (all bright, cool colours). Mine are warm, muted colours, which I know are absolute murder to find in spring and summer, but I LONG for the autumn when I expect to be able to fill my wardrobe. But not this year. Everything is in cool shades again, and SO MUCH BLACK… I absolutely don’t wear black tops, black trousers, black shoes, black undies. So you’ve made it almost impssoble for me (and my autumn shaded friends out there) to buy anything from your autumn range. Come on Evans – take the same approach to colour that you offer for shape, and you’d have customers loyal for life!

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