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Dress For Your Shape: Special Occasion

2:50 PM

Do you have a special event coming up? Maybe you have a graduation or wedding to attend, and you’re not really sure what to wear and how to dress for your shape for those special occasions. Well we can hopefully help! We’d love to hear some of your outfit dilemmas and be able to offer tailored shape and style advice just for you.

All you have to do to get your shape and style questions answered is to post your dilema or event and your shape as a comment on this blog post and we’ll answer with shape advice and outfit ideas from our party wear at Evans.

Not sure what body shape you are? You can use our shape calculator on the blog (top right), to input bust, waist and hip measurements to find out if you’re a Busty, Pear, Apple or Hourglass.

Leave your style dilemma below and we could be help you look and feel great at your next big event!

2 Responses to “Dress For Your Shape: Special Occasion”

  1. Catherine power says:

    Hi I am going to a wedding and would love a maxi dress but I think I am an apple shape, am short and have big boobs so it’s not looking good. Please help am sick of wearing trousers to weddings. Thanks .

  2. I used Evans the other day for one of my non plus size clients, who had very wide, flat feet and struggled to get shoes that looked stylish and fit her. We had great success at Evans! She bought 3 pairs of gorgeous shoes! :)

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