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Size 14+ Model Search with Evans, and Models1: The Winners

4:45 PM

Our exciting search for size 14+ models and the UK’s next plus size supermodel has come to an end and Evans,, Models1 and Cosmopolitan are thrilled to announce the four gorgeous finalists. We had more than 1,000 entrants and we’ve chosen 4 women to represent the 4 body types at Evans: Hourglass, Pear, Busty and Apple.

Representing Pears is Jessica Anderson from London, Katy Syme from Milton Keynes is our Hourglass, for Busty we have Kate Eccles from Birmingham and Amarilys Hibon from London is representing Apples. Here’s a reminder of what our 4 winners have won:

  • A photo shoot as the new face of Style369 or feature in Evans’ Spring 2012 campaign
  • £1,000 shopping spree at Evans or Style369
  • Model consultation with Excel Models1
  • Tickets to an exclusive Excel Models1 event

Each model has been especially selected to represent the 4 different body shapes championed by us at Evans  -  Hourglass, Pear, Busty and Apple. We measured each potential model to calculate their shape, and you can work out your own shape by using our online shape calculator.

Click here for more details about the model winners.

4 Responses to “Size 14+ Model Search with Evans, and Models1: The Winners”

  1. cords says:

    these girls are beautiful.. but to me, they really are not plus size.. not at all. Should have known anyone above a size 16 would have no chance..

  2. jen says:

    So happy that Katy got through met her on the finals day and she was really nice. In response to the above comment, the point of plus size models is to represent a healthy size which the above girls are at above 5ft8- 6ft and size 14-18 (I THINK) it would be irresponsible to represent unhealthy weights as underweight and overweight models do. At the finals day which I got threw to I saw girls of all sizes and these girls where the most comfortable in front of a camera. They won based on model ability not due making unhealthy people feel better about themselves. Anyone with common sense who views any plus size model will notice that they are tall and can therefore healthily be plus size without damaging themselves. Personally I believe complaining a plus size models aren’t overweight is as disgraceful as complaining a traditional model isn’t underweight.

  3. Rona says:

    Beautiful girls! And your ‘apple’ is stunning!

  4. Jo says:

    I agree with Cords. 14 isn’t really plus size and i think Evans should have models that show the range of sizes that they cater for. it’s not about making ‘unhealthy people feel better’ its about representing the customers that buy from Evans and showing the clothes and how they will look on their customers. If it is how Jen says and ‘it would be irresponsible to represent unhealthy weights’ then surely it is just as irresponsible to sell plus size clothes for fear they are encouraging people to be over weight. Don’t be rediculas! As a true plus size woman(26-28) i often feel like the fashion industry just try to ignore the fact that the population is growing and becoming more weighty and it’s bad enough that most shops do not cater for plus size so when a plus size store chooses to use models of 14-16 it shows the companies lack of respect and understanding for the majority of their customers
    14,16 – 18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32 <what about all those sizes!!
    Also you'll note that in the sales regularly i see 14's and 16's but the larger sizes have gone, why? because alot of 14 and 16 size women do not want to be seen as plus size and shop here when next, new look, river island, Dorothy Perkins etc DO cater for these women.
    I hope to see larger models in the future.

    Jo x

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