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Give Your Lingerie A Lift With £5 Off Bras At Evans

4:15 PM

For 3 days only, we’re offering you the chance to give your lingerie a make-over with £5 off all bras at Evans. If your underwear drawer looks in need of a pick-me-up or a bit more colour, now’s the time to treat yourself.

Women’s underwear and lingerie often gets neglected, but it should be the most important part of your wardrobe. Good quality and correctly fitting underwear is the basis and foundation to all good outfits, and can make all the difference to how we look and feel.

A massive 80% off us are thought to be wearing the wrong back or cup size bra,  so to always feel fantastic and confident, we recommend getting correctly measured and fitted regularly in-store, or measure yourself at home using our step by step bra fitting video guide.

To take advantage of this great offer, we’ve put together a wishlist of our favourite bras for all occasions, from extra special bras, to everyday bras to practical bras  -  make sure you have the tools to make yourself look and feel your best!

Plunge Bra  -  For low necks and cleavage

Evans Zig Zag Plunge Bra - £15 (with £5 discount applied)

T-shirt Bra  -  Everyday Comfort and smooth lines

Evans 2 Pack T Shirt Bra - £17 (with £5 discount applied)

Embroidered Bra  -  For extra special occasions or everyday

Evans Embroidered Purple Bra - £20 (with £5 discount applied)

Coloured Lace Bra  -  Everyday prettiness and fun

Evans Pink Lace Bra - £11 (with £5 discount applied)

Firm Bra  -  For extra support and security

Evans White Firm Bra - £20 (with £5 discount applied)

What’s your favourite type of bra?

Click here to shop all plus size bras at Evans.

One Response to “Give Your Lingerie A Lift With £5 Off Bras At Evans”

  1. Nikky says:

    One that fits or doesnt have wires that break after 5 mins. And one that doesnt assume all plus size ladies have humongous paps so has way too much fabric at the top of the cup. Generally people with a C cup or under don’t have enough to fill all the bit at the top, all bra’s seem to come right up to my chin. The only ones I’ve found that fit properly and feel comfortable are called Breezies. I did used to like Evans ones till I got fed up of every single wire breaking because the wire is fed too high up under the armpit which puts extra stress on it and makes it snap after a week.

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