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Guest Blog Post: How to Layer by Kellie B

1:32 PM

At Evans we love getting style tips and fashion advice from some of our favourite fashion bloggers. This week we’ve got some fabulous outfit ideas and a guide to Autumn/Winter layering from Kellie B from Fashion Insider.

Hello! It’s Kellie B from Fatshion Insider. Autumn is fast approaching and although the weather is changing, you don’t have to pack away all of your favourite summer pieces just yet. As far as I’m concerned, the best thing about autumn is being able to layer fabulous pieces in order to create a really cool pulled together look.   I love mixing and matching both textures and patterns so below are a few easy ways to take summer pieces into autumn.

Floral Summer Dress + A Little Leather = Perfect Autumn Outfit!

I chose these looks because I love mixing sweet feminine florals with leather and edgy shoes! Tie up boots were huge last autumn and are still a great way to add a little tough girl chic to an otherwise frilly outfit. And if you only buy one item for autumn, make it a leather jacket. An autumn wardrobe must!

Top Row (L-R) Jacket, Dress, Sandals

Bottom Row (L-R) Biker Jacket, Dress, Boots

Checks and stripes = Great for the weekend!

So here’s where things can get really fun. I’m obsessed with stripes and a great stripe tee-shirt can be worn a hundred different ways. The first look is a great weekend outfit layering the checked button down over the stripe tee and motor cycle jacket has a very easy LA look, I love it. The bandage skirt keeps looks great and the brown boots  –   just plain cool.

Top to Bottom: Biker Jacket, Stripe T-shirt, Check Shirt, Brown Boots, Black Skirt

When it comes to jewellery  -  just pile it on!

This one’s pretty easy  -  layer necklaces like these plastic link pieces in complementary colours then add one piece that’s different but adds interest like gold chains with a knot. When layering necklaces just remember they should all be different lengths so they sit nicely on top of each other. I do this all of the time and people will say ‘Oh I love your necklace’ and I usually respond ‘Thanks, I’m wearing 5!’.

Left to Right: Green Necklace, Gold Necklace, Red Necklace

Thanks for the great post, Kellie!

What do you think of Kellie’s post? Would you like to guest blog for Evans? Let us know.

3 Responses to “Guest Blog Post: How to Layer by Kellie B”

  1. Jackie says:

    I love the idea of the leather jacket with a dress but as the majority of your customers are overweight I really can’t see that sort of skirt being worn by them!

  2. dee-dee says:

    whenever seasons change, i’m always confused until the season is almost over, lol. i’m always late. once i get into the swing of what’s fashionable, i go shopping, and suddenly my opportunity has passed me by. thanks to you, i think i can catch fall before it’s winter:-)

  3. LaCara says:

    I love all of the looks Kellie, especially second outfit combo with the nice black mini skirt! ;)

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