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Our Favourite Top Rated at Evans

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We love getting feedback from our customers about what you think of Evans and we know that when you’re shopping at, the customer reviews and ratings are really important.

It’s always nice to know that someone loves wearing a top you’ve had your eye on or that a pair of boots you’ve been coveting not only fit well, but are comfortable all day long. So if you’re new to online shopping and want some help when deciding what to buy, or just want an honest opinion from a fellow Evans customer, make sure you check out the customer ratings on each Evans item on the site.

These are some of the 5 star top rated products on the site, recommended to you by Evans shoppers. Here’s what you have to say:

Evans Teal Floral Tunic With Scarf - £32

janieb, Plymouth

I absolutely LOVE this top. It looks fab with dark denim and fits like a glove. The size is true and the quality is fantastic. It washes really well too. I would absolutely recommend anyone to try this as it has this seasons colours all included in this stunning top. I am now looking for a nice plum scarf to add a new twist.

Evans black buckle riding boot - £89.50


rosfk, Falkirk
I bought these for work but have hardly had them off my feet at weekends too! Go really nicely with dresses and skirts as well as leggings and jeans (tucked in). I have very wide calves and feet but the EEE fitting is very comfortable, and because of the double elastic stretch panels, they zip up totally and aren’t uncomfortable at all. Buy these quickly before they sell out.

Evans Red Duffle Coat - £55 (with £10 off - coat promotion, usually £65)

Sophie, Bristol
Lovely coat, will keep you warm and the colour will brighten up even the most miserable winter days!

Do you like the customer rating feature and have you rated something you bought at

149 Responses to “Our Favourite Top Rated at Evans”

  1. kathy says:

    I went shopping in eastbouren on the 28th/june/2012..I love the clothes very much ..BUT I waiting to be to pay but the lady in front on me I thought was buying something from the shop so I waited as she was Talking to the lady behind the till,and she only worked there then the lady behind the Till didnot know how much my things were..Its a SHAME..bUT THOUGHT these people worked there to help you..but both were so busy talking..

  2. kathy says:

    The lady would just not stop talking..its Shame….

  3. Emma says:

    I have just recently used the new service that Evans is offering to it’s online customers. You order what items you would like then you can have them delivered to your local store which is brilliant. Leigh at the metro centre was very helpful and friendly.

  4. Kate says:

    I’m amazed & disappointed that you have decided to close the Colchester branch as from 14 July. I have shopped here for many years (& several sizes!).Manager Jeanette & Sue have always been extremely helpful & pleasant. Your decision now means that Colchester has NO shop for larger ladies -how short-sighted of you.

  5. Angela Lawton says:

    Shopping at Birmingham Pavilion on 2/07/12.
    Staff very friendly and helpfull.
    Would like to see the differant shaped clothes all in one area as this would make shopping easier.
    I come under the Busty type range and do not want to waste time looking at clothes that will not fit.
    It would help if there was posters or mannequins showqing the differant designs.

  6. polly says:

    had a brilliant experiance today at bluewater, shop assitance Lisa was at total star, brought a couple of outfits, very happy with them and the savings made as they were in the sale.

  7. sharon says:

    love shopping at your store but why have stop stocking thongs in your shops .The staff are very helpful.Bradford


    only reciently started shopping at evans, staff at store 357 Preston very friendly and helpfull. Have got an evans store card because impressed with selections and sizing. Have just recieved an order which I orderd on line came in no time at all, very impressed. The clothes i have got are a perfect fit, used your shape guide,this has proven very helpfull. I am one very happy Evans shopper MANY THANKS

  9. jan keeley says:

    Always shop in Evans 387 Basildon have done for years always happy and friendly staff and exceptionally helpful. Only one problem you Evans have decided to stop stocking my knickers Tanga and cant get them any where. Might be getting old but i dont want to wear frumpy knickers. Wonder if you can help where i could get them from. Many thanks.

  10. Kathleen Coughlan says:

    Shopped most recently at Speke Retail Park and was delighted with my purchases of two pairs of jeggings and a top. The girl at the till was lovely but one of the staff on the floor was particularly helpful to me. At the moment most of my shopping has been on line as I am struggling with two crutches, waiting for a hip replacement so when someone puts themselves out I really appreciate it. Also, it was nice to actually be in a shop although I can only manage about ten minutes standing. I often shop at Evans in Crewe, The Market Place shopping precinct where the girls are always incredibly helpful and pleasant. This is on top of the fact that shopping at Evans is always a positive experience from the point of view of the great selection of clothes on offer.

    Many thanks for great shopping experiences.

  11. l huggins says:

    Heiio i wouid like to thank the girls in store no 439. thay are lovely and very helpful. I visitad your shop in newbury retail park this week. i found your stock of clothing very black and depressing ? a very dark stock indeed it needs colour and brightening up. Please can we have some coloured jeans and 3/4 length dresses. for wedding etc. Please take an ordinary look at your stock and bring in something a little brigater. i am 50 and my frends to. we can not stand your choice of designs and dark colourS. please can you look in to colours and fashionable clothing. Are sizes are 20 to 24 we are not old THANK you .YOURS TRULY MS HUGGINS

  12. Gwen46 says:

    I have to agree with MS HUGGINS, the colours are too dark and designs are mostly sleeveless, and when you are over a certain age you get “bingo wings”.
    I am disabled so need clothes to be easy to wear, but the long length skirts and pants have me tripping over. I love the empire line stuff you had last year as it covered a multitude of sins.
    Having said that, I have bought every cotton/ viscose top you brought out this year as they are so comfortable to wear.

  13. Lesley Powar says:

    I love everything about Evans’, both in store and online. I’ve always been treated as a valued customer and on the very rare occasions when I’ve had a problem, it has been resolved efficiently. I recommend Evans to all my friends.

  14. claire says:

    i was in the evans in weston super mare recently, and my sympathies are with the staff. the shop was so hot it made me ill. i have diabetes and need to control my blood pressure, but the temp in the shop sent it soaring and made me very dizzy and nauseous. the staff said they had asked for some form of air con several times and been ignored, well all i can say is you are very close to being sued because if you dont regulate the temp in this heat sooner or later there will be serious repercussions

  15. marie says:

    Pity you have had to down size your Darlington shop the staff are realy helpfull Got white high leg panties 22/24 lovely but the gusett is far too wide we may have big buns but its like wearing materniy pads in th middle

  16. Jean Obridge says:

    I would like to say that your range is good for outsize clothes but could i say that it would be much more better if you had lonng sleeves insted of all short sleeves on blouses and tops this would be much more helpfull if you stocked them too as you only have a very small selection in long sleeves also if you could get bigger shoes sizes ie
    10 11 in modern stylies and colers thank you

  17. Wendy Kelly says:

    Having shopped at your Penzance store yesterday the girls said there was a chance of winning an ipad if we gave you feedback on line,I can tell you from experience of many visits to this store the girls there are truly pleasant and bend over backwards to give help and advise,if something doesnt look quite right they will try and find another size or garment which usually fits the bill.Ilove this autumns new tunic ranges,my only complaint is why so many three quarter length sleeves on jumpers especially in winter when full length ones would be warmer!! otherwise Evans well done, I shall carry on shopping with you.

  18. eunice peacock says:

    Visted bury st edmunds 11/9/12 to see boots you staff,sinean had ordered from the warhouse.EXCELLENT service ,bought 2 pairs of boots and a pullover.Your staff certainly were brillant

  19. Devi A says:

    Why do you make the armholes so big on tops and dresses. I have had to return items because the armhole is so big it nearly reaches my waist. Not all of us have as huge arms as you make them on clothes.

  20. Mary says:

    I am a size 14/16 and have bought your white hi-leg pants for years but it seems they are now discontinued in my size. OK, so I went into my local Lincoln shop to buy what I hoped would be the next best thing, came out with a three pack short assorted pattern and coloured cotton rich, in a size 14/16. These are so unbelievably too big and sized wrongly, at least an 18/20. Did the buyer compare the sizing of the old 14/16 against these useless unflattering knickers (number 22553858140 at £10 for 3 pairs.
    The style and size 14/16 you have decided not to buy any more white hi-leg pants 15Q62Zwht at £6 for 3 pairs. I would willingly pay more than £6 if you would only re-instate this line or at least tell me who your manufacturer is as I have already asked you so that I can contact them direct to find out which other shops and stores sell this particular item. I have requested this information before but was refused.

  21. jennyperris says:

    I usually shop at Evans Gloucester but the selection is limited and a very small shop so I went to Cheltenham where Cathy is loveley and very helpful and selection so much better such a shame I have to travel

  22. J Wade says:

    Last year I bought a duffle coat from Evans in Peterborough and the zip broke after a month, the staff were great and gave me a voucher for £55, just been into purchase a new one and this year the duffle coat has cost me £69.50 quite a large increase and not only that I wore a size 20 in January, have lost a stone in weight but have had to buy a size 22, so not only a significent price rise but obviously less material!!!

  23. Claire says:

    I made my first ever visit to your store in Barking, l was greeted by a very pleasent person who l later found out was Jan,she helped my with an outfit which l tried on in the store, she was called away to deal with a problem, she then left me with Corinne who was also very helpful, making other suggestions. I would like to thank them both for my pleasant visit, which l will be returning to shop there again. Nothing was to much for them. once again many thanks.

  24. Mrs Patricia Robinson says:

    I was in your Wolverhampton Bently Bridge Store on 19/10/12 and was really pleased at how the shop looked. It was bright airy and very fresh looking. I did say to your staff how lovely and fresh it looked especially with no sale rails about! Please pass on my good wishes to the girls and tell them to keep up the good work.

  25. Julia says:

    I visited Newport store number550274 today and bought a pair of boots. Knee high, they zipped up no problem, love you Evans.
    Unfortunately the older lady who served me spoiled the experience. She asked if she could help so I asked for the pair to my boot and she took it from me and then proceeded to carry on filling the racks whilst I stood at the checkout. She then handed the boot to a younger colleague who had been serving on the till and left her to serve me. I thought this was really rather rude of her, unfair to the other member of staff and terrible customer service skills. I would have her given a warning and send her for retraining if she worked for me!!! The young girl on the till was lovely and my boots are fab!!(op no.107349) Thank you.

  26. Lyn says:

    Went to the Witney branch today to buy shoes for a wedding. I have very awkward feet and did not expect to find anything. Both assistants were very, very helpful and charming – very cheerful and encouraging. I bought a lovely pair of black patent shoes and came out with information to help me buy another style on line as the shop did not have my size. I have just ordered what I want and can’t wait to get them. Altogther a great experience and I will definitely be going there again. please could you do half sizes in shoes and length 25 in trousers?

  27. BERYL says:

    I have just come back from an enjoyable trip
    to my local Evans branch in Bracknell but yet again I have not been able to buy a pair of trousers! WHY, because Evans haven’t got around to taking in the information that average Womans height in this countr is 5’4″ inches tall?

    Please rethink your policy of making all your trousers for tall women.

  28. jane wells says:

    hey evans,had great customer service in the plymouth store today,at last have jeans that fit me,eek!all the team were friendly and cheerful,the store layout was good,as was the products on sale,cheers guys.

  29. diane brown says:

    tryed to order on line for some reason would not accept my email address, so today went in to birkenhead shop.and tryed on some tops and bought one top,which i am pleased with,had to wait to be served as till girl was sorting something out for another person,but a very pleasant girl came out and soon sorted me out.item waso8g50min black £29 50 yeh pleased

  30. Mrs C A Diprose says:

    I really like your tights. The only ones that fit the larger figure perfectly. However, I am somewhat disappointed that they claim on the box to be ‘ladder resistant’ when in fact they ladder easily. Please do not mislead people. I like to know what I am buying at the outset.

  31. Bernie K says:

    I am really pleased with the pair of Black knee high boots that are laced up the back purchased today. They are leather, very comfortable and currently on offer at £60 (previously (£89.99). Early days but I think I will enjoy wearing them.

  32. alwena says:

    had great service from saf in llandudno store today – only thing i would like to mention is im 5″6 tall and size 26/28 clothing – but find it difficult to get tops – as either they are to short or to long – is it possible you can extend the length by a couple of inches! please!!!
    also my back size is 48 and some in 50 but a small cup – b/c – also have friends this size – but u stop doing padded at 46 back size – would be nice if u could provide this as-well! thanksx

  33. Kelly Kerr says:

    Had a great time shopping in Dumfries store last week i never enjoy looking for clothes at a size 30 and only 26 i can never look good the girls are lovely thank you for making me feel good again

  34. Maria Okewale says:

    just wishing the girls at evans romford branch they are the best ever in customer service Big thanks for a good service over the year and i h ope there mangers recognize their good work they do at that branch wishing all the girls again merry christmas and happy new year love from maria okewale

  35. janice whyte says:

    have been an evans shopper with a gold card for years, however I was very dissapointed recently on buying a Jacket with too long sleeves– these alterations used to be free with a gold card but seemingly now are not-taking the good out of buying a sale item then having to pay to have it altered.

  36. june says:

    what is happening to all the Evans stores?I was sent a 10% discount card to use within three month at an Evans store and cannot use it anywhere in my area.The Fort Edinburgh closed down,Craigleith is an Outfit store,Edinburgh princes st.concession in BHS and Livingston concession store in BHS.Card cannot be used in any of these stores not even online.Any ideas out there as i cannot find a phone number for Evans that will reply.?

  37. Evans says:

    Hi June – sorry to hear that. We have had to close some of our stores for commercial reasons. We hope this doesn’t affect you too much as a customer. Our customer services team can be contacted via the website. Thanks.

  38. Debs says:

    why oh why cant all Evans store be treated the same, I am forever having to make special trips to shopping centres to find items, management deem not suitable for my local store (0205).The new range scarlett & Jo is amazing but I cant buy this in my store and have to travel to leeds or order online, but the problem with online is that when I purchase the items I require, at checkout even though I am using my gold card and the required spend I am still charged postage even though this is a benefit of the gold card on purchases over £40.

  39. Pat says:

    love the new colours in the lacy shorts BUT would love evn more some classy bcoloured matching sets that have shorts and un padded bras why oh why do they use padding in them it isnt needed. Also would like really nice flats as can’t wear heels but loads of the flats are cut too low. Evening style dresses finishing mid calf to ankle
    Separates are fantastic

  40. Evans says:

    Sorry to hear that Debs – unfortunately we have an agreement with some brands that limits our product availablity across stores. Thanks.

  41. kerry says:

    Would like to just comment on how helpful kind and friendly all tin staff at your basildon store are after losing weight recently they have helped me view my new body shape differently and helped me buy clothes to suit my new shape. Nothing is too much trouble for them

  42. Evans says:

    That’s great to hear Kerry, thanks for the feedback, we’ll be passing this on to the Basildon retail team for you. Happy shopping and congrats on your weight loss! x

  43. Lynn says:

    Will never shop with Evans again Placed online order and never received it Courier lied about attempted delivery and access to flat I was in on at least 3 of the times the courier stated they had attempted deliveryContacted Evans and got nowhere just got accused of lieing when it is their courier who is a liar Will take business elsewhere and suggest others do the same

  44. Angie says:

    Just like to say how nice your staff are at the uxbridge store westfeilds at white city and the Oxford road store in helping me when I phoned on trying to purchase another bra ( it’s the non wired padded comfort one ) I have not been able to get another one in either black or white as it seems to be out of stock each time I check online please don’t tell me you won’t be getting anymore as it does have 5 stars on line they had some on Oxford street but not in my size 46c I have been washing it everyday just to wear it and my other bras that are from Evans stay in the draw this one is the best

  45. Christine Evans says:

    I visited the store in Crewe yesterday and were very impressed with all the help the staff gave to me, especially Alex. I will not forget what she did for me. Nothing was too much trouble for her and she spent a lot of time sorting me out, and I am pleased to say she certainly got there in the end. The service was excellent and so were the staff – Alex, Lucy and Rosie.

  46. Jean says:

    I purchased a pair of white Formal wear trousers in your Cardiff store on the 26/05/13. Put them on but within an hour the hem came down. Why do you use this thin clear thread it is useless. On returning home i exchanged them in your Sutton branch 550130. The lady who served me was very helpful her name was June. I exchanged the trousers with another of the same. I do hope it doe’s not happen again to these.

  47. Roz says:

    I am a regular customer at branch no: 0541 and would like to report that I always receive friendly and efficient service from Terri, sales advisor. Nothing is ever too much trouble and she always has some useful tips. It is a pleasure to shop there and lots of my friends to now due to my recommendation.

    Just want to say that really pleased to see lots of lovely dresses back on sale, bought quite a few.

  48. Cheryl West says:

    I recently shopped at Store 0439 in Newbury as I needed an outfit for a special occasion. I found all of the staff very helpful and friendly especially Rosemary who tirelessly ran backwards and forwards between the store and changing rooms for me, and suggested various styles to try, nothing was too much trouble for her and
    I left the store happy with a complete outfit which is very unusual for me!!

  49. Evans says:

    Thanks for the lovely feedback Cheryl! As always we’re more than happy to help out, hope you have an amazing time at your special occasion.

    - Evans Social Team x

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