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Summer BBQ Outfit Challenge!

12:17 PM

We invited three bloggers, Rikke, Love and Tiffany to put together the perfect outfit to wear to a summer BBQ, the only catch was that the outfit they picked had to be under £75!   Here are the pieces they chose . . .

Rikke from Sticky Sweet Danish

Outfit 1: Strapless Maxi Dress, £20, Hair band, £7.50, Ring, £2 , Earrings, £7.50, Bracelet, £2 and Bag, £22 .

Total: £61

My friends and I have a lot of BBQs on the beach or in a park during the summer. We’re usually sat on blankets so my outfits are always comfortable for these kinds of events. However, comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t be chic! For this challenge I went with a very bohemian-inspired look. The maxi dress has a gorgeous colour and print; I especially love the bust detail. When styled with gold accessories and a hair band, the look has an oriental vibe! The red bracelet and stone bag add a little something quirky to match my personality and help keep the outfit casual. Now, you’re probably wondering why there aren’t any shoes. Well, since I’ll be walking around on sand or grass, I prefer to go barefoot! Cute nail polish, good friends, laughter and cool drinks will finish off this outfit nicely. Summer, I do love you!

Love from Nomade Gourmande

Outfit 2: A printed dress £38, Textured ballerinas £19.50, Necklace £12.50 and Ring £5.

Total: £75

I choose this dress because of the prints and the short length. In summer you want to show some legs! I think this outfit is perfect for a summer BBQ because it’s light and easy. The dress is strong so you just need a few accessories like a necklace and rings. As it has long sleeves, there is no need to worry about matching with cuffs or bangles.  I love the accessories I chose as they have the ethnic touch which works well with the leopard print. The shoes have a texture that makes me think of a python, which I love! You can easily wear this outfit on a night out as well, just put some heels on and add a clutch.

Tiffany from Fat Shopaholic

Outfit 3: Animal print shirt, £32 and Slouch jeans, £39.50.

Total: £71.50

Summer BBQs are all about being comfortable and having fun, so that’s the direction I went in with this outfit. I love mixing feminine and masculine elements in outfits. The distressed boyfriend jeans add a masculine element, but still manage to look comfortable and relaxed.  The flow of this top adds a feminine element, but is also super comfortable. Animal print is one of my favourite styles for both spring and fall. If you’re feeling naughty and want to go slightly over budget (oops!), just add this red chain link necklace as it brings the outfit together and adds a great pop of colour.

Which outfit is your favourite?

2 Responses to “Summer BBQ Outfit Challenge!”

  1. Deidre says:

    Tiffany’s! I would definitely wear it. We have similar style. I would probably wear all of them, but would feel more confident and comfortable in the outfit that Tiffany picked out. I’d also splurge and spring for the necklace!

  2. kinidi says:

    i like the idea of wearing a dress to a barbeque, but i love the animal print outfit!

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