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Product Preview . . . Embroidered Lingerie Set

11:55 AM

Has summer meant you’ve been buying lots of beach clothes and forgetting about the basics? It’s time to start thinking about lingerie again. The perfect lingerie will streamline your silhouette, support you in all the right places and help to make your clothes fit better.

Evans has the ideal solution in the form of a pretty embroidered mauve bra and knickers set, which is available in stores and online in September.

product preview

The ruched detail means it feels strokably soft next to your skin and the embroidered lace means it looks absolutely lovely.

product preview

product preview

The bra will go on sale for £25 and the knickers for £8.

If you want to guarantee it fits then have you checked out the bra-fitting sizing guide at yet?

P.S. if you can’t wait until then, why not take a peek at our lingerie and shapewear available online now.

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  1. nicolette says:

    oh wow, i love this!!! I must say, I think evans makes some of the best plus size lingerie at the most competitive price point. i’ve purchased so many sets myself these last few months!

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