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Product Preview . . . Lace Up Ankle Boots

3:39 PM

Exciting news . . . evans are selling ankle boots that are strokeably soft on the outside, wide and comfortable on the inside, supportive to your feet and much easier to wear than knee high boots.

The suede lace up ankle boot is available in tan or black and available instore and online now at just £39.50.

These cute boots look lovely with leggings and a tunic top but you can also wear them with jeans if you’re going to be out and about and want some support for your feet. They’re as easy to wear as wedge heels but offer more stability as they’re tied up to the ankle.

And the best news? No need for a pedicure as these boots hide and protect your toes. Excellent!

Do you prefer them in tan or black?

One Response to “Product Preview . . . Lace Up Ankle Boots”

  1. Justin says:

    Lovely lovely lovely !!!
    I want these shoes…. Do you guy’s deals in online shopping or have any suggestion from where I can get theses shoes?

    Any comment will be appreciated.

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