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Blogger Nefferth shows us how to wear chinos . . .

12:18 PM

There is a reason why we make a list of our favourite top 100 songs. And there is a reason why the same songs keep popping up in these collective charts. They are considered classic and transcending the test of time. In this post I want to share with you a three way look with another classic:  the chino trousers.

First worn by US military soldiers at the end of the 19th century, chino trousers have come a long way. Frequently used in casual looks, the chinos comfortable appearance may seem hard to picture otherwise. Playing with different accessories, layers and colours, I’ve created three looks to spice up your chinos.

For the office

Keep your work attire clean, fresh and accessorise with colour to enhance your professional look.

For shopping

When I go shopping, I’m hopping from one store to another. So I need clothes and accessories that move. Wedges are the perfect alternative to heels, as they are steadier to walk on and don’t cause a problem of I need to run to get that bargain.

For a party

If there is one situation where I think you can go all out with accessories, then it would be at a party. Evans holds a variety of colours and materials to cater to every taste. I chose to bling up my chinos! You want to be noticed at that lounge party, right? All you need now is a cosmopolitan and some great tunes.

How would you style your chinos?

2 Responses to “Blogger Nefferth shows us how to wear chinos . . .”

  1. Mrs Bossa says:

    Ooh, I love me a nice pair of chinos! Like how you’ve styled them up with so much colour – the work outfit is clean and chic and I love the teal top and peacock earrings in the party look. Nicely done!

  2. LaCara says:

    Amazing job Nefferth! Love all the looks, especially the party look, love the pops of colour! :D

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