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Keep it simple with the minimalist look . . .

1:05 PM

For a fresh, clean and sophisticated look for summer the minimalist trend is the answer to all your fashion needs. While bright colours and bold prints are always gorgeous, sometimes less is more when it comes to clothes.

Wearing clean lines, crisp cuts and understated yet elegant minimalist clothing will make you look effortlessly chic. The minimalist trend is great for weddings and evening soirees as well as ladies who lunch.

The key pieces in the trend include suits and occasion dresses which are simple but also have a luxurious feel to them. Trousers will have a different shape to traditional bootcut trousers, and dresses may feature sharp geometric cuts which will add to their unique quality. The main colours are white, black, beige and nudes. We’ve picked three outfits to make the minimalist trend work for you.

Outfit 1 – Summer Wedding

The minimalist trend is great for occasions as the simple lines and crisp colours. Evans black pleated maxi dress is stunning and has a timless appeal so you can keep this in your wardrobe for years. Keep your accessories equally understated with some black diamante flip flops, a black chunky bracelet and vintage style gold oval drop earrings.

Outfit 2 – Summer Drinks Party

For a smart and chic formal outfit the white crepe trousers are a simple colour but cut so they float around your legs creating a stylish silouhette. To enhance this lovely but laidback look add an ivory pleat sleeve top, fabulous but flat and comfortable gold loop and weave sandals and simple gold hoop earrings.

Outfit 3 – Lunch With The Ladies
Impress your friends with an outfit that looks luxurious and expensive even though evans floral extra wide trousers are just £32 and a black ribbed cotton vest is a bargain at £5. A mixed metal link necklace can be worn on many occasions and it’s just £14. Finish with black flexible footbed sandals to stay relaxed and comfortable.

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  1. Mode Plus says:

    Dressing the minimalist way is definitely in my comfort zone. So these outfits compilations would fit right in my wardrobe.

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