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How to wear white . . . by Kellie B

6:55 PM

Hi,  I’m Kellie B from Fatshion Insider!   This week Wimbledon began and to celebrate here are my top tips on how to wear white and look great!

One of the best things about summer is wearing crisp white pieces. Here are a few of my choices for must have white in your wardrobe:

A white t-shirt . . .

No matter which shape you prefer, a white t-shirt is essential! Try mixing brights when wearing a simple white tank and jeans. The fuchsia sandal and cobalt bag work really well together. The bag mimics the blue in the denim so it doesn’t feel like it’s competing but still looks fantastic.

Another fun tip is to mix tonal colors, try the neutral outfit with a white t-shirt, brown harem pants and tan accessories. This outfit has depth giving it an ease. Very stylish without showing too much skin.

The white dress . . .

Another key must have for this season is a white dress. I love the idea of simple yet chic printed white dresses. These classic stripes and polka dot dresses when mixed with unexpected accessories really stand out. I think that mixing black and brown is really cool, it looks very polished and still edgy. I also love the idea of a red shoe with a polka dot dress.

The white pair of trousers . . .

White trousers are simply fabulous. A great way to wear white pants is to pair them with bright colors. The floral kimono top below really adds to the luxe look. Add a bright colored bag and you’re off and running.

Wearing all white can seem daunting but it’s really quite simple. It’s all about the shapes. Structured weighted pants and a flowy top create great lines. The black purse strap and silver accents on the top break up the white and add interest.

Which look is your favourite?

2 Responses to “How to wear white . . . by Kellie B”

  1. Katie says:

    I love this! Great post.

  2. meeka says:

    I love the stripes!!! I heart them!

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