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Mode Plus blogger Nefferth picks her top 5 wedding items . . .

1:14 PM

Hallo allemaal,

That is ‘Hi Everybody’  in Dutch. My name is Nefferth Bernadina and I live in the Netherlands. In June 2010 I started a personal blog focusing on fashion. Ever since I started blogging, I knew I wanted to write about other topics than just fashion items, hence the name Mode Plus. The title has multiple definitions: on one hand I write about plus size fashion and share my outfit choices. On the other hand I also talk about the emotional aspect of being a plus size woman in a society obsessed with body and size. That’s why I say: be more than your size and weight. And why not have fun in the process ?

I don’t necessarily blog about the latest fashion, and I don’t really have fashion rules when it comes to clothes. I wear what I want when I feel like it. Let’s challenge these non-realistic ideals regarding feminine beauty. In a cute dress please, I insist!

Talking about cute dresses, who is looking forward to the royal wedding of Kate and William on April 29th? Spring weddings are my favourite. (I myself had a lovely wedding in the spring!). The weather is made for floaty and airy outfits. Here are my 5 top picks for a Spring wedding . . .

Take a look at this pink pleated dress, versatile enough to wear at a formal wedding but I also think this dress works well in a casual setting.

To go from formal to casual all depends on your accessories.

For a formal wedding I would choose classic pumps in a dark colour accompanied byan envelope purse. The black corsage court shoes are a great option with the black croc bow purse. Choosing different textures makes this outfit anything but boring.

For a casual wedding you can be more outspoken and creative. These pink slingback shoes are just what you need to make your outfit instant fun.

And to add a little more character, why not try a hibiscus corsage around your wrist or in your hair?

Share your choices with me.

Nefferth xx

2 Responses to “Mode Plus blogger Nefferth picks her top 5 wedding items . . .”

  1. Ylenia says:

    I follow Mode Plus blog and I like Nefferth style and taste in fashion. I am a Plus size too and it’s great to share ideas, tips and suggestions between plus-size women.

    Is this animal print dress also from Evans?

  2. LaCara says:

    I adore Nefferth’s blog, and her style! I love her top picks, especially the pleated pink dress! :D


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