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Blogger Profile: Mezzo Fashionisto

4:23 PM

Tell us about yourself and how you started blogging…

Honestly, I began blogging as a hobby while I was taking a break from a music graduate program I chose to leave. I needed some sort of outlet for my creativity and decided to begin a blog.

The blog was originally going to be more music focused, but instead I split my blog into a music blog (Mezzo Delicioso) and a fashion and beauty centred one (Mezzo Fashionisto). The blogging community is so amazing, I found friends and support that I never knew existed!

Tell us more about Mezzo Fashionisto…

Right now it is my personal fashion and beauty diary of sorts. I also write about issues I observe within the plus-size community. I have to emphasize the fact that my blog is more personal than most plus size fashion/fatshion blogs. Mezzo Fashionisto is truly an outlet for my thoughts and so from time to time the content may not be what you expect, but it is what is meaningful to me, and hopefully may be helpful to the reader.

Now, I hope to involve more of my song writing and music making into the blog, as well as include more beauty tutorials.  I hope my lovely readers will find it intriguing. My readers are some of the most supportive individuals I have ever had the pleasure of communicating with. I love them dearly.

How did you get into plus sized modelling?

As a lover of the fashion and beauty industries I have always loved modelling, but I never thought I could be involved in front of the lens. From time to time when I would step in as a make-up artist, the photographer would ask me if I had considered art modelling or plus size modelling. I did some tests for some friends and it just sort of grew from there.

I do not consider myself a fully developed, full time plus size model. I don’t want to insult those amazing women that are models by profession and are dedicated to their work. I am a musician, first and foremost. However, if someone wants to use me and I like the concept, I am happy to perform.

What advice would you give to other aspiring models?

Get out there and test. Find photography students at a nearby school, or just use a friend that has some photography experience. That is the only way you can learn how to move in front of a camera. Also, be honest about your abilities and limitations. Every woman is not meant for every modelling job. Keeping yourself “together” is important. If you want to be a fit model, maintain those measurements and take care of your skin and hair.

What is your top tip for having body confidence?

Confidence is a concept that is not simple to attain or define. Self esteem is a personal journey that every person must take on their own, and they have to use whatever methods are available to work for them. If I had to pick one tip that helped me, it would have to be “fake it until you make it”. I held my head up high and took risks way before I was actually confident enough to do so. After some time, that confident air became my reality.

What are your top 3 favourite items on sale at Evans at the moment?

I love the trousers at Evans!

1. Tan Sateen Trousers

2. Tribal Extra Wide Leg Trousers

3. Black Drapey Utility Trousers

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Great article! I love Nik and am a follower of her blog! She’s one of the realest bloggers!

  2. Frances Teal says:

    Wow!!! You look stunning Nicole!!!! Great Q and A!!!!!!

  3. medii says:

    she so beautiful, and has a great sence of style. lovz!!

  4. Abbi says:

    Amazing lady, such an inspiration!

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