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Chyna Whyne shares her top tips for walking in heels with confidence

3:02 PM

High heel guru Chyna Whyne offers confidence, advice and training to women who want to walk well in heels.  She gave support and positive encouragement to the fourteen finalists at last week’s plus-size-tall final.  Here we catch up with her to find out her top tips on how to walk in heels successfully…

What is your top tip for women who want to walk well in heels?

Women deserve to feel fabulous and walk with grace, elegance and ease, and I have the solution to high heels heaven for ladies!  Many women feel they can’t walk in heels and are usually not confident enough to wear them because they feel they are too heavy and don’t want to appear clumsy by walking heavily in them.  Walking in high heels well will instil confidence and ignite the inner goddess in any woman if she knows how!  First you need to make sure you have a well made, balanced pair of heels that support your feet then you can learn to improve your posture and become lighter on your feet so that you glide.

Tell us more about the techniques you use…

I like to use the Alexander technique as it is a perfect way to get women on the road to transformation in heels. The technique will:

  • Help you to see an improvement in posture
  • Fill you with more confidence,
  • Help you walk with a taller more attractive look
  • Help you develop better balance
  • Help you to glide beautifully in heels!

Also a calm mind can help improve your confidence, posture and balance which will see your self esteem soar!  My company, Walking in Stilettos, offers private lessons that are gentle, powerful and are a ‘must’ for any woman who is looking to unleash the inner goddess within them!

How important is the right pair of shoes for having confidence?

Having the right pair is imperative to walking well in heels!   If a shoe appears unstable it will not support you and you will find that you struggle.  The best heels must be the correct size.  There is no point in buying a pair of shoes that are too big or too small, the shoe will be a hazard and could cause you to have an accident or deform your feet.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that the more expensive the shoe, the more stable it will be… this is not the case!

And finally which are your favourite heels at Evans right now?

I really love the Multi strap Buckle shoe, in both taupe and black. They are very stylish and can be worn casually or with a stylish glamorous evening outfit!

5 Responses to “Chyna Whyne shares her top tips for walking in heels with confidence”

  1. Sara says:

    I can’t wear heels, unfortunately.

  2. Chyna Whyne says:


    I just wanted to open this blog by saying what a wonderful time I had teaching all you ladies how to walk in heels which gave you all such confidence…I was very proud of you all and you all shone like the stars you are on stage..your all winners

  3. Emma Howell says:

    Hi Chyna,

    Again, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for teaching me how to walk with confidence and grace. It was wonderful to meet you and you did make me feel like a star then and now

    Emma xx

  4. chyna Whyne says:

    Hi Sara,

    Why not treat yourself to the experience of being taught how too…i have taught many women who have never walked in heels before, and now they can….give it a go…

  5. chyna Whyne says:

    Hi Emma, the pleasure was all were amazing at the show….big love x

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