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Jolie Julie Coming Soon!

8:28 AM

We have a tantalising treat for you today. Blank have brought out a range of fabulous new dresses called Jolie Julie, that will soon be sold in Evans stores and online.

blank jolie julie maxi dress label

Jolie means pretty in French and the label’s dresses are absolutely gorgeous!

jolie julie maxi dresses - fabric shot

We love the range of colours from mint to pink to beautiful browns and nudes. And if you look close up, you’ll see the print looks like it’s been painted on the fabric. Stunning!

jolie julie evans maxi dress collection

The maxi dresses can be worn during the day to summer picnics or barbecues or dressed up for night time soirees by adding some killer heels.

jolie julie evans maxi dresses - pattern shot

And it’s a similar story for the knee length dresses. You’ll want to wear these fab frocks everywhere!

The good news is that the wait only two weeks. Mark it on your calendars now, Jolie Julie is arriving soon. . .

12 Responses to “Jolie Julie Coming Soon!”

  1. Vanoue says:

    OMG I think there are my future dresses!!! they are so cute!

  2. faye says:

    Horrible do you have designers who are over a size 18 !!!!!!

    your shop is turning in to a old age shop get a grip and get back to what u do well

  3. Like I said on Facebook I love the long pink one! I think it’d look great in Autumn with a leather jacket and boots!

  4. Katrin says:

    I like the colors , but I can’t see anymore of these maxi dresses, I just don’t like them at all…..

  5. Sarah VJ says:

    Gorgeous!! I’ll be keeping my beady eyes out for them when they crop up online!! Can’t wait to get them all! Colours and style look amazing! Bravo Jolie Julie and Evans!!

  6. julie says:

    no, i expect so much more of evans and these are just not nice at all..

  7. Patricia says:

    Like the dress material/pattern, but hate the sleeves.

  8. sarah says:

    Love the prints, the mint green is my must-have. Best thing is that they have sleeves, which means no extra shrug to cover bingo wings!

  9. Miss Temple says:

    That’s sooo 20ies! I think I love them all! :D

  10. Angela Blair says:

    These are gorgeous and even look like they could be worn by a respectable old lady like me. They remind of some of the recent Ozzy Clark dresses. Thank you for sleeves and thank you for knee-length. Now will I be able to buy one before going on holiday in July?

  11. Am says:

    Hope they look better on than they do on the hanger… What terrible photos!

  12. Shaniqua says:

    these are amazing, can’t believe I’ve only just found them!

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