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Gillan is Gorgeous in Green

1:28 PM

Doctor Who’s glamorous new star Karen Gillan gave a Q&A for her fans at the BFI on London’s Southbank on Wednesday.

The event was packed with kids due to the half-term holiday but we attended and asked Karen what it was like working with the new Doctor, Matt Smith.

She’s clearly loving it as she gushed: ‘Matt is amazing. You never know how he is going to act a certain scene so it keeps me on my toes. He’s also a great kisser. I hope we get to kiss again!’

But she revealed playing the Doctor’s Assistant Amy Pond is harder than you’d expect saying: ‘Lots of the aliens are added into the scenes afterwards so we make it on a green screen. I have to pretend to be frightened of tennis balls that mark where the aliens heads will be.’

Still, it’s a small sacrifice if it means she gets to kiss Matt afterward.

And acting on the green screen hasn’t put her off wearing the colour, which is a relief as it is a great colour for Summer.

Check out the green maxi dress at Evans if you feel inspired by Karen’s look, which would see you from day to night and is just £27.

It’s great to have a new style icon like Karen on Saturday night TV.

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  1. catnip says:

    I have to say that the green dress you linked to couldn’t be any more different Karen’s dress.

    Completely different colour, length, and style.

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