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Gabi’s Top 10

12:22 PM

I’m loving a lot of things Evans is offering this season, but there are a few in particular that I need in my closet ASAP! Here are my top ten picks:

Black Lace Blazer

Black Denim Studded Jacket

Blue Floral Dress

Sequin Frill Waistcoat

Acid Wash Jeggings

Coral Vintage Balcony Bra

Black and Gold Cocktail Ring

Black Floral Dress

Black Cuff Sandals

Bronze Cut Out Heels

Written by Gabi Gregg. Check out her blog, Young, Fat and Fabulous, for more.

One Response to “Gabi’s Top 10”

  1. pewter says:

    I love those Bronze cut out heels. My only problem with current trends is that they aren’t particularly classic. I can’t afford to buy an entirely new wardrobe every seasons, so anything I buy has to work with multiple looks. I find a lot of the current cuffed shoes/booties look like they only work with the current slim leg+tunic silhouette which is the current staple of fashion.

    I love florals, but I sometimes wish the dresses/cuts were more fitted/structure than relying on ‘smocked/gypsy/frills’ styling.

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