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Nikki Adams Rose Interview

9:30 AM

Works as: Lingerie and Swimwear Buyer for Evans
Style: Casual with bling! Loving the Rock Chic trends and embracing the Balmain catwalk trend
3 words: Fun, Happy, Helpful
On Ipod: Favourite Album – One Republic and album listening to at the moment – The Script. Last purchased – Florence and the Machine

How did you get into buying?

I have always had a real passion for fashion so when an office job came up working in a buying office for a handbag and accessories company I jumped at the chance. This gave me a greater insight into the world of buying and then decided to pursue it as a career. I got a Buying Assistant job in London and put myself through a Buying and Merchandising course at London College of Fashion and have worked my way up from there.

What are the best and worst things about being a buyer?

The best is the thrill you get from seeing people wearing your designs and having the opportunity to travel the world doing a job you love

The worst is the frustration when one of your designs doesn’t sell

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from everywhere, you find you are always thinking of fashion, from celebs, magazines even someone on the tube can trigger an idea! Also we pay great attention to the designers and the catwalk shows. It is up to us to filter the high end fashion designs into something wearable for our customers to love and enjoy.

What gorgeous lingerie is Evans planning to bring in over the next few weeks?

The range is heading into a very Boudoir Vintage feel and colours are very pastel with corals and peach being trimmed with black lace. We also have some amazing control pieces which offer a smooth silhouette creating curves not hiding them!

How do you relax at weekends?

I have just joined a gym however would not call that relaxing at the moment!!!
I love to shop however concentrate on beautiful things for my house rather than my wardrobe at the weekends.

2 Responses to “Nikki Adams Rose Interview”

  1. hsg says:

    I love Evans, but the quality of the lingerie is such a disappointment. It looks attractive on the hanger, but the materials and manufacturing are cheap – the fit is poor, the bras provide little support, and the lingerie disintegrates with astonishing swiftness (often after the third wash).

    Having bought a lot of Evans lingerie and been very unhappy with it, I would however recommend the branded items available from Evans. The Sloggi briefs are well made and last a decent number of washes.

    The best lingerie items, by far, I’ve ever bought from Evans, were the Elomi bras that were briefly offered last year. Great fit, great support, gorgeous designs, and terrific manufacturing standards. The ones I bought have lasted and lasted, making them well worth the small premium over the usual price of an Evans bra. I was so disappointed when Evans stopped stocking these, as I will never buy another Evans brand bra again.

  2. Kim says:

    I’d disagree HSG!

    I love evans bras, and coming from a H cup here – the support is pretty fab. Maybe you’re buying the wrong size?

    On the flip side Evans, can we get more bras for us H cup girls? I love these but I know they won’t come in my size :(

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