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Why gift a gift card?

7:01 PM

With only a few days left to go till the BIG DAY, there are always those last few gifts that you need to get to make sure you’re ready for Christmas. And those last few gifts are always for the people that are the hardest to buy for. Either they’re the ones that say ‘Oh no, don’t worry about getting me anything’, but are secretly thinking ‘You better get me something!’, or they’re the ones who are already looking for the receipt before they’ve even unwrapped it! So frustrating!

Well this year change all that and get a gift card! Now we know you’re all there probably thinking ‘That’s a rubbish gift to give!’ but oh contraire, we’re here to show you how actually this is a great gift to give this Christmas – and at any time of the year.  Check out our top 10 reasons why a gift card is a great choice of present for a loved one:


Give a gift card this Christmas with Evans

Give a gift card this Christmas with Evans


  1. It makes a great stocking filler, as its lightweight and can easily fit into any small little gap that might have been left by all the chocolate coins, nail varnishes and small joke presents that make a stocking a great way to start your Christmas day.
  2. Did you know that our gift cards last for 2 years? That means that you can give that special someone a gift card, knowing that they can spend it as and when it suits them.
  3. With our gift cards you can use them in store and online, so there’s plenty of ways that they can spend that lovely gift, anytime and anywhere.
  4. You can also top the gift card up with more money, so if they’d loved having the gift card as a Christmas present, you can then add to it for their birthday, anniversary or just because it’s a Tuesday. You can surprise them whenever by adding to this great gift.
  5. If you’re worried about getting the wrong size for someone, then a gift card is perfect as they’ll be the one buying the item so they’ll get the right size. So when you think about it, by proxy you’ll end up getting the right size for them? Clever eh?
  6. You can order a gift card for a loved one and have it delivered by post, so it’s a nice little surprise that arrives on their doormat. And the best things do come in small packages. You can put any amount on, from £1 to £300 so it’s great for all budgets and you can choose whatever amount you like. Remember you can always top it up for them if you wanted to.
  7. You can also email a gift card to someone as a fun gift to appear in their inbox. You can add up to £100 with this method and it gets sent out the next day, so perfect if you’re reading this at 3pm on Christmas Eve!
  8. You also have the option to print off your gift card so if you want to add it as a surprise to present to them on Christmas day you can. With this method you can add up to £100 and choose 1 of 3 designs and add a personal message so it’s super special.
  9. If you’re really unsure what the person would like, or they’re difficult to buy for or you’re incredibly stuck on what to get your Secret Santa person this year, then a gift card would be the ideal gift to give.
  10. And last but by no means least; you don’t have to get a gift card for someone for Christmas. You can get someone a gift card all year round. These make great presents for a person’s birthday, a wedding gift, anniversary gift or just giving it to someone just because you want to.

So there you are; 10 excellent reasons why a gift card is a great gift to gift to someone this year. So whoever you’re buying for this year, remember to keep a gift card in mind.

Do you have any other reasons why a gift card is a great gift to give? Let us know in the comments below.


Tis the season…

7:30 PM

‘Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful’ – Norman Vincent Peale

With only a few days to go till the big day, here at Evans HQ we’re getting into the Christmassy mood. Sparkly decorations have been put up, party outfits have been planned, changed and planned again, and there’s more Christmas treats going round the office than you could shake a candy cane stick at.


Teal Embellished Top

Teal Embellished Top

Little Mistress Cream and Black Embellished Dress

Little Mistress Cream and Black Embellished Dress

Scarlett & Jo Black Prom Dress

Scarlett & Jo Black Prom Dress









There’s also a buzz round the office of what everyone is doing for Christmas this year. Who they’re spending it with, what they hope they get and most importantly; what fun things they’ll be getting up to during the festive season. So we’ve put together our guide for how to spend the holidays – the Evans way:

Inspiration to help you fill the 12 days of Christmas:

12: Head outside and find a Christmas market. There’s plenty to discover and lots of last-minute gift ideas to pick up ready for the big day. Plus it really gets you in the festive mood.

11: Experience the great British tradition of the pantomime. Get into the action, cheering for the heroes and booing the villains. With stories as old as time, like Cinderella, Jack & the Beanstalk and Aladdin, you’ll be sure to find a great panto near to you.

10: Get into the festive spirit with a Christmas movie marathon. Fun for all the family comes in the form of ‘Elf’, ‘Home Alone’ and ‘The Muppets Christmas Carol’ (although this has started some heated debates over which are best!) As the night draws in, romantic movies like ‘Love Actually’ and ‘The Holiday’ are great for snuggling up on the sofa in an onesie and eating loads of popcorn. And if the arguments over what film to watch are getting too much, just remember that the classics will stand the test of time like ‘The Santa Claus’, ‘White Christmas’ and ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

9: Time to get more festive with some mulled wine. Nothing beats a home made mulled wine recipe, filled with cinnamon, clementines, lemons and nutmeg but for a fun update try a warming mulled cider. Full of all the Christmas favourites like cloves, star anise and orange, this is a great alternative for those aren’t that mad on wine. And for the kids, a great mulled apple juice will make them feel like one of the grown ups, minus the alcohol.

8: As the battle for the Christmas No.1 heats up, listen to a favourite Christmas album – it’ll be the perfect way to wile away a cold wintry afternoon, with a hot cup of coffee and a good book.

7: Head out for a winter walk. Nearby parks are beautiful this time of year, with snow (hopefully) on the ground and people enjoying the winter sunshine. We love Hyde Park in London, with all the animals roaming around and of course Winter Wonderland, but any park is great for a winter walk.

Purple Reindeer Jumper

Purple Reindeer Jumper

Grey Faux Fur Trim Wrap

Grey Faux Fur Trim Wrap

Purple Christmas Poncho

Purple Christmas Poncho










6: You’ve made that list and were sure that you had checked it twice, and then it happens. Thud! And on the doormat is a Christmas card, from your auntie’s sister-in-law’s cousin twice removed who you only met once and don’t remember giving your address to. It’s happened to us all, and now’s the time to write out those last few cards, scramble to find their address and nip down to the Post Office, to make sure they’re sent off before the last posting day. Here are the last UK posting dates so you can get it all done in time. 18th December – 2nd class posting, 20th December – 1st class posting, 23rd December – Special Delivery

Black & Cream Fairisle Scarf

Black & Cream Fairisle Scarf

Black & Cream Fairisle Gloves

Black & Cream Fairisle Gloves









5:  As is the classic British tradition, we’re all hoping for a white Christmas this year. But even if it’s not, just as long as the weather doesn’t disrupt our travel plans we’ll be fine! With that in mind, we know that as soon as we see the first flurries of snow, we’ll be putting on our boots, wrapping up warmer than an open fire and braving the winter chill to go and play in the snow. We love building snowmen (or women, dogs and characters like Olaf!) and then accessorising them with some of our knits. A hat, scarf and gloves are standard, but how about adding a bit of sparkle with some earrings and a necklace? Who said a snowman can’t be stylish!

Rhinestone Cluster Necklace

Rhinestone Cluster Necklace

Facet Bead Chandelier Earrings

Facet Bead Chandelier Earrings










4: Spend some quality time with family and friends with an afternoon of games. We love Monopoly and Charades in the office, and family favourites like UNO, Trivial Pursuit and Mouse Trap are fantastic for getting some friendly rivalry going. But please remember… it’s only a game!

3: Rouse the spirits at a carol service, there’s bound to be one happening somewhere nearby at all sorts of times. Listen to choirs sing their hearts out to old favourites like ‘Silent Night’, ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ and ‘O Holy Night’. There’s no better way of getting into the Christmas mood.

2: Make sure that your stocking has been hung up so that Santa knows where to put all your wonderful presents! A really good tip we’ve learnt is to put the more bulky stocking fillers in first and then to fill up the gaps with all the smaller ones, and ones that are squishier. That way there’s more to unwrap and the stocking looks fit to burst.

1: It’s finally here! Christmas Day – it’s all been leading up to today and now all that hard work had paid off. Time to open those presents, clear up the mountains of wrapping paper (could have sworn that much wasn’t used this year!) and to welcome all the family for a day of fun, festivities and food.

And now relax – you’ve got through it, and can start planning what to get in the sales! Plus starting to look forward to the new season and the new trends. We’ll be covering those in a future post and we also have some new and exciting posts coming up in the next year.

So whatever your plans this Christmas, we hope you have a wonderful time and make sure to keep up to date with all the exciting trends and special offers we’ll have to bring in the new year!



#EvansStyleWins … it’s back!

9:00 AM

Here at Evans HQ, we love to see how our customers rock plus size fashion and take their Evans must-haves and make them their own. From a rock chick styling Carmakoma with attitude to a vintage beauty queen in a picture perfect pencil skirt, we know that our customers have great style and taste.

So now it’s time to show your style credentials with #EvansStyleWins – and you could even win one of 4 £500 gift cards! Time to get your camera phones at the ready and read on for how to enter.

  1. Take a picture of you in your Evans must-have (or holding it up if you spot it in store)
  2. Either upload it directly to and enter your details
  3. Or upload it to your Twitter or Instagram account, tag @evansclothing and use the hashtag #EvansStyleWins, and then follow the link sent to you to enter for the competition.
Upload your picture and enter for the chance to win a £500 giftcard!

Upload your picture and enter for the chance to win a £500 giftcard!

We’ll be doing some roundups of our favourite entries, and the lucky winners will be chosen on Christmas Eve!

And here are some of our top tips to getting an awesome picture:

-  Make sure the lighting is good. It would be a shame if we couldn’t see your gorgeous outfit!

-  Get a friend to take the picture, that way you can strike your fiercest pose. But if you are taking it in front of the mirror, just make sure that the phone doesn’t block the centre of the outfit. We want to see all those fab details and accessories.

-  It needs be an Evans item you’re wearing or holding. Kill joys we know, but those are the rules!

-  And smile!

If you need any more tips you can check out America’s Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson giving us a masterclass in getting that perfect pose >


Let us know what your #EvansStyleWins is in the comments below…and don’t forget to enter!


Winter Wardrobe update with an Evans scratchcard

3:00 PM

With all the mad rush to get Christmas presents in full swing, there’s not always time to treat yourself. But here at Evans HQ we love to see how you style your top picks, and now in the run up to Christmas we want to see how you are styling yourselves fabulous! And to help make your Christmas really sparkle, we’ve got a cheeky little secret to share… Just follow these simple steps to bag yourself a style steal.

If you grab a copy of Closer magazine, on sale 2nd December you’ll find a little card similar to this. Alternatively you can print this page off, or take a screenshot on your phone:

Print this off or show on your phone to our staff to get your scratchcard

Print this off or show on your phone to our staff to get your scratchcard


Once you’ve done that, simply head into your local Evans, BHS, or Outfit store, and show this to our staff. You’ll then get a lucky scratchcard which will reveal your secret symbol. Show this to one of our staff to reveal your mystery discount, and voila – you’re ready to start shopping and bag yourself some bargains. To find your local store, try our store locator here: Store locator 

Now for the technical bit – are you all listening?

This offer is running from the 2nd-16th December, and can only be redeemed in store.

Our teams are trained in shape styling, so can help you make the most of your mystery discount by helping you find the perfect item for your shape. And with their training in lingerie and shoe fitting, they’re on hand to get you party ready; head to toe. Whether you’re looking for some extra bits for your nearest and dearest, or just want to treat yourself (which you definitely should!) make sure you grab a lucky Evans scratchcard before they all go!

Let us know what’s your Evans style steal, and what’s on your Christmas wishlist from Evans this year in the comments below.


The Top 4 Winter Coat Trends For 2014

5:43 PM

An on-trend winter coat is essential for braving the chill in style. Finding the right one for you can be an ordeal, so we’ve picked our favourite winter coats from the top 4 coat trends of the season.

Colour Pop

A splash of colour can instantly liven up your outfit, and this shouldn’t be limited to what your wearing underneath! A colourful coat makes a statement – neon tones work well with dark shades, whilst a pastel colour complements a neutral outfit.



Evans Orange Longline Coat

Evans Orange Longline Coat, £79.50

Evans Coral Collarless Coat Pastel Pink

Evans Pastel Pink Collarless Coat , £75.00


The New Parka

The parka has been updated for AW14 with stunning lace details and warm metallic tones. Perfect for when the temperature drops, thow a parka over your winter look any you’re ready to step out in style! These two are definitely on our Christmas Wishlist.

Evans Dark Grey Lace Print Parka Coat £79.50

 Evans Dark Grey Lace Print Parka Coat, £79.50

Evans Red Two Tone Parka, £69.5

 Evans Red Two Tone Parka, £69.50

Faux Fur

Get cosy in soft and snuggly faux fur. One of the key trends for AW14, go for full faux fur for a vintage Hollywood-inspired style or choose a coat with faux fur panels like this faux fur snood coat for a nod to the trend.

Evans Black Faux Fur And Boucle Coat £85.00

Evans Black Faux Fur And Boucle Coat, £85.00

Evans Black Snood Faux Fur Coat, £79.5

 Evans Black Snood Faux Fur Coat, £79.50

The Duster

The duster is an ideal day-to-night lightweight coat. A long duster coat adds a glamorous cover up over a simple dress, or team a shorter length duster jacket over separates. Bold colours make a statement in the grey, wintry weather.

Evans Blue Daisy Jaquard Duster Jacket £38.00

Evans Blue Daisy Jaquard Duster Jacket, £38.00

Evans Cerise Pink Crepe Jacket  £35.00

Evans Cerise Pink Crepe Jacket,  £35.00

Which winter coat do you have your eyes on? Would you go bold in bright colours or snuggle up in faux fur? Comment below!


Cut for Evans Launch Event

4:12 PM

Yesterday, the new Cut for Evans collections landed online and in our flagship Marble Arch store, and we couldn’t be more excited! For our second Cut For Evans collaboration, we teamed up with two brand new designers, Ellie Northway of Nottingham Trent and Eve Turley from Kingston University.

Ellie Northway, Eve Turley and Rebecca  Vann Reicher

Selected by a judging panel including Trish Halpin (Editor at Marie Claire) Jess Spiring (Lifestyle Editor at Now Magazine), Laura Puddy (Stylist and Plus Size Columnist) and Georgina Horne (Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust Blog), the two designers were asked to create a 6 piece collection designed with a plus customer in mind.

Eve channelled vintage influences into her collection of knitwear, whilst Ellie’s vibrant kaleidoscopic prints were drawn from portraits of inspirational women throughout history.

Cut For Evans designer Eve Turley

Cut For Evans designer Ellie Northway

A host of bloggers, fashionistas and our lovely customers joined us at our flagship Marble Arch Store for the Cut for Evans launch event, in association with Look Magazine. The fashion team from Look Magazine selected their most wanted pieces from the collection, whilst guests were treated to make up demonstrations and nail art whilst browsing the brand new pieces.

Nail Porn

Actress Cheryl Fergison blows a Glitter Lips kiss!

Glitter Lips with Cheryl Fergison

Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust looked gorgeous in this Cut For Evans Digital Print Panel Dress, teamed with a cinched in waist belt to show off her curves.

George Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

Hanna from Hanna Wears rocks the Purple Digital Print Bomber Jacket over a mustard dress for a fresh take on the look.

Blogger Hanna from

We spotted the gorgeous Lucy from Fat Beauty and Rosie from A Rose Like This with sparkling glitter lips!

Bloggers Rosie Asturby & Lucie from Fat Beauty at Cut For Evans launch event

Strike a pose!

bloggers love Cut For Evans

Which pieces from the new Cut for Evans range do you love? How would you style the pieces? Check out the full feature for more on the collection, and to shop the pieces click here.

 Follow the conversation on Instagram and Twitter #CutForEvans


Design Collective for Evans S/S15: Access All Areas

11:08 AM

Welcome to your VIP, Access All Areas tour of the Design Collective for Evans S/S15 catwalk show at London Fashion Week! Last week we showcased Evans’ Cut for Evans and COLLECTION designs alongside signature S/S15 looks from Clements Ribeiro, Giles Deacon, Hema Kaul, Lulu Liu, Jamie Wei Huang and Vita Gottlieb.

We’re taking you everywhere from the backstage models dressing room and front row fashion to an interview with Sir Philip Green and highlights from the world’s best plus size bloggers. So join us as fashion history was made with the first plus size fashion show at London Fashion Week.



The Design Collective For Evans SS15 Catwalk Show



The Design Collective For Evans SS15 Catwalk Show


Find out more and watch the catwalk show

Join the conversation on twitter and Instargram by following the tag #EvansCollective


Design Collective for Evans S/S15 Catwalk Show

4:43 PM

Design Collective for Evans brings together a handpicked selection of renowned fashion designers, brand new breakthrough designers, the latest winners of the acclaimed Cut for Evans design competition and our exclusive in house designs. The exclusive catwalk event shows that high fashion is for all.

Watch the full catwalk show below

We’re still in love with the amazing pieces which were shown at the Design Collective for Evans S/S15 catwalk show last week. We’ve selected some of our favourite pieces from each designer – now we just have to wait until spring next year to add these pieces to our wardrobes!

Featuring Evans’ Cut for Evans and COLLECTION designs alongside signature S/S15 looks from Clements Ribeiro, Giles Deacon, Hema Kaul, Lulu Liu, Jamie Wei Huang and Vita Gottlieb.

Design Collective for Evans – Jamie Wei Huang S/S15


Design Collective for Evans – Cut for Evans S/S15


Design Collective for Evans – Cut for Evans S/S15


Design Collective for Evans – Vita Gottlieb S/S15


Design Collective for Evans – Lulu Liu S/S15


Design Collective for Evans – Clements Ribeiro S/S15


Design Collective for Evans – Evans S/S15


Design Collective for Evans – Hema Kaul S/S15


Design Collective for Evans – Giles Deacon S/S15


Which outfit is your favourite?

Find out more and watch the catwalk show

Join the conversation on twitter and Instargram by following the tag #EvansCollective


Plus North Event

6:35 PM

Fashion galore, one fabulous Evans catwalk show, and 250 beautiful plus size people, last weekend we headed down to Leeds to for a fun filled weekend as the Plus North event.




plus north logo







If you are unaware of the Plus North, it is an annual extravaganza where brands, bloggers and plus size women all come together, connect, shop and celebrate plus size fashion. An intimate event, now in its third year, Plus North is a big deal in the plus-size fashion calendar.


Plus North 4

The lovely Rosie from fashion blog: A rose like this, took over our Twitter and Instagram to show you the all the fun she had through her eyes.


plus North 6

Doesn’t Roise look gorgeous in her Evans Ensemble?

Plus North  7jpg



Plus North 1

We have rounded up a few of our favourite pictures from the event below.

Plus North 2 jpg




Plus north 3


As you can see there was so much energy in the air.

plus North  8jpg



Did you attend Plus North?

Let us know what you thought of the event.


Just incase you haven’t already gathered – we had a blast!

‘Till next year


Wardrobe Essential – The Printed Trouser

2:20 PM

Prints are thriving this season in every shape and form. From printed prom skirts, to printed jumpsuits the choice on offer or list is endless. Our key item amongst the printed pack this season is the printed trouser!

Ultra-stylish and incredibly versatile, the printed trouser is an essential for every stylish woman’s wardrobe. The best thing about this item is that most body shapes can buy into it, due to the wide range of styles on offer.

Parade the print in paisley print wide leg trousers; alternatively opt for a pretty floral pair in a tapered style.



Paisley Print Trs

Evans Paisley Print Wide Leg Trousers



Printed trs 1



Evans Floral Tapered Trousers


Another great thing about the printed trouser is that is can be style up and down, and can be easily taking from day to night. If you are unsure on how to wear your printed trouser, check out the two outfit posts below for some style inspiration.


Our Grecian printed trousers landed on and in Evans stores this week,and they went down a storm. The striking print instantly elevates your look, and the timeless shapes of both items make for wear-forever pieces.

To balance out the boldness of the print, pair with simple separates in blue, black or white colours. For extra style points, team with the matching Grecian printed vest top, keeping accessories to a minimum. This look can be taken from day to night, by simply swapping flats to heels and adding red lipstick for maximum impact.

Grecian Printed trs 2Sandals



Evans Blue Grecian Print Swing Vest,

Evans Blue Grecian Tapered Trousers,

Evans Black Strappy Heels.


When an event calls for you to be casual but chic, the printed trouser is a great choice. For a fresh way to make a casual statement, our floral print trousers are a great option. Lightweight, with an elasticated waistband and a tapered leg, they are best teamed with simple separates. A pair of leather ballerina pumps will finish off the look nicely.



Social  printed trs Printed trs 3 Social  printed trs 3

Evans Black Swing Vest,

Evans Black & Pink Floral Print Trousers,

Ballerina Pumps.

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